April 12, 2006

This one is for...

For no reason no rhyme,
for she looks so divine,
her age months nine,
no sound of a whine,
always a beautiful smile,
tryin to walk in a straight line,
oh this lovely child of mine!!


Mathi, I know this one is a little futuristic,
I know your kid will bring you loads of joy..
- Rush
ps: if its a boy, will change the 'she' to 'he' :-P


unforgiven said...

I didn't see the comments in pink at first and was stuck in a dilemma.

I wanted to congratulate you but still, not being married and having a kid would put a bummer on things, wouldn't it? :P

Rush said...

ha ha.. it sure wud have.. but then again, u get a kid without havin to deal with a male for d rest of ur life... hmm maybe sushmita sen has a point ;)

but lemme not take credit away from my friend :)