April 19, 2006


she was followed by a dog,
guess wat was his name?
he always did hog,
and say robbie's my name!!
ran barking thru the fog
saying thats my claim to fame!!
so anu ran and ran
and robbie did too...
she turned around and saw
a fairy saying 'ur love is true'
the dog had become a two wheeler
and attu shed buckets of tears!
there ends d story
of anu and her robbie ! *********************************
dedicated to anu and the love of her life ;)


robbie said...

idiot i didnt know u posted it in ur blog .. and nywayz, as far as my robb is concerned, therez no place for tears ... he's the luv of my life alrite .. and dont u dare say anything offensive or u wont get lift the next time u r here .. :P

Simi said...

this comment has no relevance here..but just.

rafting is awesome in dandeli (dont wear sox when ur on the raft) iv rafted there twice (its not white water rafting as the river is black..hehe...not funny. but, its evident from the name itself- river KALI- as the river bed has black rocks- as u will see) watch out for the hornbills and soak in the adventure, silence!

check out my post on the rafting there... probably in jan/feb.

have fun girl!

Simi said...

it might be very hot unless the clouds decide to precipitate and cool the temperatures. keep ur fingers crossed :)

The Jungle Safari is a good option, though i prefer the nature walk as one gets to site a lot of birds in Dandeli. If ur going to be put up at the Jungle Lodges Resort, take a Naturalist along with you who, with his seasoned eye n ear will spot the birds for u. Else u can also go to Cavala Caves & Syntheri Rocks.

Whatever it is, leave Dandeli knowing fully well, u've not done justice to the luscious vast forests and the many things u can do here. In other words, leave while u plan that return trip :)