March 09, 2006

Lost In You

as a fly flutters by
i see the wonder in your eye
faint strains of a lullaby
reach our ears carried by
the wind that seems to caress
your lovely face
the scene so serene
the moment sublime
there is no line
that can describe this feeling
as i fervently pray
that you be mine


Vasanth said...

"You" ?? - Whoz that you ;) ??

Good one !!

Rush said...

hehe.. kunal kapoor (of RDB fame)!! :D

Juggernaut said...

Wait until Mr Popeye hears this!
Olive Oyl!


Rush said...

if only there was a Mr Popeye!! :-P

Janani Vasu said...

awesome one rush!! I see too much feelings in it ;-)

Rush said...

hehe..thanks jelly! am glad my boredom that afternoon didnt show thru :D

nish said...

ahem..ahem............ ;)
gud one!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))