February 07, 2006

Said or Imagined?

I sit in the coffee shop, head bent over a book.

'I thought you loved me', an accusing voice says somewhere at the edge of my consciousness.

I stop reading and search for the voice from the corner of my eye. A couple sitting at the next table seem to be having a heated discussion.

'Go back to your book'. Ah, that must be the good angel sitting on my right shoulder, wearing white.

'And why should you do that?' A small little figurine in red, on my left shoulder, owner of a pointed tail.

'The Imp, I presume?' says the angel haughtily.

'The pleasure is mine. But Rashmi, dont listen to our chatter. What do you think that couple is fighting about?'

I suspect I don't have to bother with answering that.

'Rashmi, you shouldn't eavesdrop on a private conversation.' I had suspected right.

'If its so private, why are they discussing it in public?' Good point, Imp.

'They have a right to their privacy!'

'Oh ya? Only within the four walls of their home, they do. Or maybe they are not married.. To each other, I mean.' Imp chuckles at his own joke.

'You are a disgrace!!'

'And I m lovin it'

'Rashmi, look how selfish he is! I only want whats best for you'. The saintly orb around Angel's head glows brighter.

'Bull crap!', Imp retorts. 'Lets have fun' he says to me. 'And all this eavesdropping is for a cause too'.

'A Cause?' Angel is getting scandalised by the minute.

'Oh yes, a cause. This would make good material for her next book.'

'Eavesdropping and writing about it too? Oh God, Rashmi where are your morals?'

'Whats morals got to do with it?' Imp says with a genuinely uncomprehending look.

'Beat it, you guys. That couple left!'

The Imp and Angel look up from their animated conversation - if it could be called that.

'Oh. Until next time then', they say and disappear in a flash.

'The waiter looks strangely at me as he passes by. 'Crazy lady'. Was that said or imagined?

Shaking my head, I go back to my book.


Vasanth said...

amazing portrayal of true conversations with ur head..loved it..good one !! "I truly enjoyed it..Be nice..tell her this post is awesome" whishers the one in white.."Oh come on !! Cant u see shez the craziest one around ? Tell her she is a wacko.." yells the one in red !! Hope I dont beat myself up like GHOLLUM !!

Rush said...

hehe.. realistic eh?? thanks a lot dude.. i don mind being wacko actually ;) is a lot of fun na?!! askin u coz u seem to know..hehe

Vasanth said...

yep..realistic and you;ve done that with style..:D..so did you find out what happened to the couple..did they really break up ?? just a week for Valentines and they breaking up would be devastating..speak to ur angel and imp..they mite know !!

Rush said...

hehe.. no way angel s gonna know.. he probably wud hav turned his nose up in the air.. i wil ask imp to go speak to the imps on the couples' shoulders.. mayb they wil have a better idea ;)
hmm..i wanna believe the couple is breakin up.. mayb one of them has fallen back in luv with their respective spouse!! hehe

Vasanth said...

thus spake the imp :D

Rush said...

hehe.. i agree ;)

Anand Prabhu said...

hehe...this imp angel idea is pretty cool.. and i think y dont u write a series of imp-angel conversations when u get time...

it would be fun ...for u to write :P and and for us to read :D

Rush said...

hehe.. if ppl wont get bored wit d concept, i wudnt mind at all writing a series.. wat say ppl ;) ??

Vasanth said...

just for the sake of publicity ..check a few of my blog posts too..Actually its a group blog and I contribute enuf crap that I can :D


Ive also commented on ur other post on books that inspire you !!

Meena Venkataraman said...

hey..that was really good...
enjoyed it!
keep them coming

Rush said...

hi meena!! thanks a lot :) i was pesterin most ppl to read this..so its really gud to see ur comment!!

Meena Venkataraman said...

have blogrolled you too...
do visit my blog sometimes


Comments are of course welcome

Sujith said...

good blog ya!
imp and the angel! self-conversations that everybody have --- nicely put to words.

Rush said...

@the exuberant,
thank u so much!!

nish said...

Rush..that was truly gud n entertainin!!..
by d way did u finish ur book???!!!
/ started off with yet another imp-angel conversations :))))

Rush said...

hey nish thanks!
well since this didnt actually happen, let me claim taht i did read d book ;)