January 25, 2006

Blinded By Eyesight

Ya well, if you have ever been subjected to the ignomy of Refraction Eye Drops, you would know too! I know, that is one of the hesternal methods of finding out the exact vision correction that needs to be provided by external means.(One heck of a long sentence eh ;)). By external means, I meant lens/ spectacles, of course.

I made the mistake of going to get my eyes checked while wearing the lens. And supposedly lens reduces the power(is that rite or just colloquial usage?) in the eyes for sometime after wearing the lens. So I have to go back again, and to be doubly sure they are gonna use the Refractive drops this time, instead of the quick fix, the computer determination. Bah!

Do you know what that means? I will have to be escorted from the hospital to home, cause everything I see will be blurred. Refraction. R-e-f-r-a-c-t-i-o-n. I thought I liked Physics at school. Am not so sure now. ;)

Hmmm. Lemme cross out all the stuff I cant do the following two days, after the drops are administered, that is.
Reading, my first love - Nope!
Shit my dance class - I will go and try to gauge out what the instructor is doing!
Shopping - well, no use buying something you can barely see.
Watch TV - other than listening to the sound, nothing much I can do there.
Messaging(SMS) - Oh Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!! my cell is gonna go beep beep and not be answered :(
Surfing the net - was that a question?
Go to office - surely, you jest!
Nothing I can do except sleep, right? You don't have to answer that, that was rhetorical.

So I await that day, not with bated breath, however. You probably will learn just how bad (or good! ) that was soon.

Ciao till then!


Janani Vasu said...

" I thought I liked Physics at school"
-->Hmm...I never knew this ;-)

Hey...better get the laser surgery done for the power...You will need to keep your eyes closed for a week :-D but thats just once...

Rush said...

hehe.. i liked physics ;) but not listening to it in d class.. am sure u remember d many times i have dozed off while sittin next to ya in class!!