July 19, 2005

Potter - mania

"Ruuuush...." I heard a faint voice calling out. I peered out, feeling much like Harry when he comes out of the Pensieve. From one world to the other, both seemingly real. The magic of J.K.Rowling; and here I am not referring to the actual practice of magic, but the literary use of that word. As I was saying, the magic of this particular author resides in her ability to seize the reader's mind and pull him into her world, as though he were being Apparated, from one world to the other.

To look up from the book would be like coming out in a fireplace after using some Floo powder. A sense of haziness, and a little time to take in your surroundings. Fact remains, you wont know for atleast a few seconds, as to what the hell you are doing in a Bank, surrounded by strangers. That is, until your dad looks at you with an exasperated expression on his face, "I said, shall we leave? My work here is done." Your dumbfoundedness disappears. "Er, dad, am sorry, I was reading...".

Atleast your dad understands. Your boss most certainly wouldnt! And thankfully, my cousin did understand when I sent someone else to pick her up from the station. I just had a few pages to go, the fact that she wouldnt recognise my friend, didnt know the local language, or that she was new in town all melted away, like an ill formed Patronus.

To those who dont read Harry Potter - You wouldnt understand, any more than the MudBloods can! I apologise sincerely for using filthy language. But I would suggest one thing - Try! It might work like one of the love potions, and you will fall hard, mind you. Although unlike the potion, this one will never find its effects wearing off.

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